Fuck You Carl Wu

Star fucker Carl Wu intentionally crashes into Nicole Kidman while illegally riding his bike on the sidewalks of New York City. The run-in wouldn’t have happened if Lady Gaga’s ex bodyguard was detailing this tall beauty.



Carl Wu’s failed attempt for Gaga

On the night of June 30, 2010, he desperately tried to get a photo of Lady Gaga at her hotel in Boston.  So he ran down the hotel’s parking lot ramp like queen bitch while dodging the first SUV nearly killing himself.  Her bodyguard hops out of the car and tells the kid to go away.  The kid responds, “I just want a picture of Lady Gaga” and pushed him out of his way as if it wasn’t a problem.  This amateur paparazzo of 16 years old some how has in mind that nothing will stop him from getting this money shot.

So then he tried to intimidate the bodyguard by cussing at him and being a persistent little dick who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  His desperation grew into an aggression that lead to an outburst of his girly thrashes and punches at the security guy.  The bodyguard disables the kid’s flaring arms by putting him into an arm bar and proceeds to escort the teen out of the hotel’s private property. 

The boy then flashed his camera flash into the bodyguard’s face to annoy him and as a result, he fell to the ground after a strategic kung fu swipe to his chins. He got a minor cut in his inner lip from foolishly kissing the ground unexpectedly.  

Then he calls the cops in another attempt to capitalize from the situation. The cops tell the kid to stay away from the hotel. The next day he calls the local Boston news for coverage and presents the world with his version of the failed attempt to get a picture of Lady Gaga for a profit. 

Bottom line, the bodyguard was doing his job. That’s what they’re hired to do, to protect the client. The boy asked for it. Media Bitch #1. Fuck you Carl Wu.

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